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Lay-Bye Agreements
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Lay-Bye Agreements

The purpose of this alert is to inform consumers about what to consider when making lay-bye purchases.



What is a Lay- Bye Agreement?

A lay-bye agreement is a way of paying for goods over an agreed period of time, whereby the service provider holds the goods until the consumer has paid their full price. To lay-bye goods, the consumer pays a small deposit, and subsequently makes regular repayments until the total price is paid. Each lay-bye agreement is different, but all include three or more payments.



A lay-bye contract must be clear and readable, and include the following details:

  • Full description of the goods purchased;
  • Total price of the goods purchased;
  • Amount of the deposit paid and outstanding balance;
  • Date on which additional payments are due, for example weekly, monthly, etc;
  • If any cancellation fees apply, and how they are calculated;
  • Service provider's details, trading name, and street address, and;
  • Any other terms or conditions.


A Guide to Consumers on Cancelling a Lay-Bye Agreement

You may cancel a lay-bye contract before the goods are delivered or if they are damaged when you receive them. If the service provider does not accept a verbal cancellation, the supplier must provide you with a cancellation form and clearly set out the following:

  • Purchase price;
  • Total amount paid on the lay-bye, and;
  • Amount owing to the business or due back to the buyer by way of refund - generally, a service provider keeps 10% of the amount paid.


A Guide to Service Providers on Cancelling a Lay-Bye Agreement

If you fail to meet the requirements of the lay-bye contract, the business/service provider concerned may cancel the contract. However, before doing so, the service provider should first:

  • Send a written notice advising you on how you have failed to meet the requirements of the contract; and
  • Give you 14 days to meet the contractual requirements.


If you still do not meet the requirements, the service provider may:

  • Cancel the lay-bye agreement;
  • Charge the agreed cancellation fee (10%) and deduct it from the refund of any monies already paid; and
  • Refund the balance to you within 14 days of cancellation.


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