Good day


I am needing some assistance urgently please.

I received an Electricity statement 3 weeks ago from Ekurhuleni stating that I owe them over R4000.00 for H/o reversal on my account.


When I called them they said this goes back to 2006 for my account being in arrears & now this has been put onto my account as the second account that was created for this to be settled was never done.


I know that back in 2006 I was never getting accounts & my Electricty was then cut & I had to pay over R2000.00 to get reconnected & that the account was then settled.


I now received a disconnection notice that I owe them R3480.00!!!



please can you assist me, as this is the first I am aware of any old outstanding amount due to them


Waiating patiently for your reply.



Nikki Smit


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