20% Handling fee

Yesterday, I went to MyZone Spares shop because my reverse lights were not working. They checked my car and found out that the problem is with the switch so I bought the reverse switch. I asked them to fit it for me and they told me they are not able to do it. I told them that if they cannot fit it I will not take it since i had to get a mechanic. I asked for a refund after a long argument and the manager was shouting at me and emotionally abused me with the insults telling me that i wasted their time, I was told that they will refund me but 20% handling fee will be deducted. But I argued that how can they charge me 20% if I had not taken the goods out of the shop, I was told that paper and printer cost money (that was used to print my receipt). I was given refund less than 20%. I would like to lodge a complaint because I feel that I was treated unfairly and the manager degraded me in front of his staff. I left the shop in tears and with schock that the customer is not allowed to change his mind without being penalised 20% handling fee.


Please help, because I do not even know how many people have gone through this horrible treatment.





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