determination of contract

Debby Koen


I am SAP Partner in South Africa since 2011, helping the people in and around Rustenburg, North-West Province, South-Africa.  I ordered e-learning course since 2011 until now without any problem at all.  Then I ordered a e-learning bundle 2 weeks ago and pay for it, they send me an s-number and password, but it don't worked at all.  I keep phoning and mailing them to solve the problem without any luck.


Friday the shock me by sending me an e-mail that I am not a partner since 2011 anymore (but my contract started on 2011) so how can it start and end on the same time but they access me e-learning training until now.  This put me in a bad spot and what about the student who wait for more than 2 weeks to start her training?


I come to the conclusion that the person(s) working with the e-learning access don't know how to access the course I ordered and I put a lot of pressure on them and all of a sudden they decide the best way to get rid of me is to inform me that I am not a partner anymore.


Please keep in mind that in South-Africa and in Rustenburg is a huge black community suffer quite a lot, they are staying in shacks and have no internet access or computer/sap knowledge and are very poor. They depend on me helping them with SAP E-learning training to get a job and sometimes save for months to be able to pay one online e-learning just to get education.  How is it possible or can it be allowed that SAP South Africa enroll all my students since 2011 until now and then all of a sudden decide that I am not a partner anymore. See the letters below as well as all the other proofs I am going to send to you to proof my point.  Please be so kind and help me to settle the problem with them.  We argue and do not get anything solved and I am prepare to take legal action to be able to keep my partnership if I do not get help soon, and they refuse to listen to me and tell me they already handed me over to their legal department that will deal with me.


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