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The City Ombudsman is an office set up by the City of Cape Town to investigate and resolve residents' complaints about the municipality, and facilitate mediation and conciliation between both parties.

As we are independent, we cannot replace or duplicate existing City department functions, and should therefore only be approached as a last resort.

The City Ombudsman has the authority to:

  • Investigate and handle internal and public complaints
  • Demand access to any book, record, file or other documents or record of the City of Cape Town
  • Interview any City employee to gather evidence
  • Enter any premises owned, controlled or managed by the City to investigate and examine any record or item
  • Conduct a preliminary investigation into the complaint
  • Recommend corrective actions

Generally, we will investigate complaints against administrative actions, procedures and practices, rather than decisions. Examples include complaints where the municipality:

  • Has not acted properly or fairly
  • Provided a poor service
  • Did not follow procedures
  • Disregarded the principles of 'Batho Pele' - People First!
  • Refused to respond to an enquiry, complaint or other correspondence

We cannot investigate matters concerning:

  • Political decisions
  • Constitutional decisions
  • Provincial or national government decisions
  • Other municipalities
  • Private disputes
  • The conduct of Councillors
  • Complaints that are frivolous
  • Complaints about gross financial irregularities and fraud/corruption. This is the role of the City’s Internal Audit Department and Forensic Services (anti-corruption hotline 0800 323 130)


Contact person: Carla Fredericks


 Tel: 021 400 5487


 Fax: 021 400 5952


E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



P.O. Box 298
Cape Town

Counter queries:

Third floor, Tower Block, Cape Town Civic Centre, Hertzog Boulevard
(Wheelchair access via the second floor, Tower Block, security entrance)

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