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The Ombudsman can help you only if your complaint:

  • relates to products or services provided by a Bank;
  • involves a claim of up to a maximum of R1 million;
  • claim arose within the past 3 years;
  • the Bank concerned is a member of the Banking Association.

The Ombudsman may do one of the following:

  • make a recommendation.
  • make a determination (for an amount not exceeding R800 000). A determination may be made an order of court by the party in whose favour the matter was decided.
  • make an award (not exceeding R10 000).
  • facilitate a settlement.  

The Ombudsman's decision or recommendation is binding on the Bank but not on the consumer who can still persue other remedies, including proceedings in the small claims court, consumer court or the civil courts.


It is FREE to contact the Ombudsman.



Postal Address:

The Ombudsman for Banking Services
PO Box 5728

South Africa


Physical Address:

5th Floor
28 Harrison Street
South Africa


Website: www.obssa.co.za (An online complaint form is available in their website.)


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Contact Numbers:

Telephone: +2711 838 0035/0038/0039
Sharecall: 0860 800 900

Fax: +2711 838 0043



Financial Ombudsman Callcentre:


Telephone: 0860 OMBUDS/0860 662 837

Fax: (011) 838 0043

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