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Best Ways To Resolve A Complaint

In Person
Interacting face-to-face with the correct person is always the first step
Social Media
Using social media is also a great option, just take care not to defame the company
Email | Website Form
Most companies have email and/or websites which you can use to lodge a complaint
Small Claims Court
For amounts smaller than R15 000 the small claims court is a cost effective option
Always request a reference number and written record of what was agreed upon
Ombudsmen | Association
This should be one of your last options


Find An Ombudsman

Find An Ombudsman

You can find details of all relevant Ombudsmen that you can complain to
Industry Association

Industry Association

In many cases the Industry Association will also be able to resolve your complaint
Free Legal Advice

Free Legal Advice

Get one of the Top Lawyers in your area to give you a FREE consultation
Let Us Help You Resolve Your Complaint
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